Hope Charities is a 501C3 Non-For-Profit organization under the Harmony Vineyard, Inc. umbrella.

One hundered percent of funds go directly to the mission (food, resources for people and transportation)
Our team has a more than 25 years of disaster relief and ministry experience combined with specialization in community out reach to include military veterans and families crisis first responder assistance.
  1. Pedro "IT" Sotelo
    Pedro Sotelo has lived in the Kansas City, MO area for over 20 years. He is a US Army combat veteran with one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Damaris, and have two adult children. For the last 8 years, Pedro has volunteered with several veterans’ organizations to include the Kansas City VA Medical Center, proving mentorship and as a resources specialist for the veteran’s community. While volunteering in these organization Pedro and his wife started HOPE, working with small groups, couples, and many times, individuals. In early 2017, both Pedro and Damaris decided to concentrate all their efforts in HOPE and officially launched the organization with the vision to see communities coming together to help the less fortunate. He has a Bachelor’s in Science in Christian Ministry from Hope University and became an ordained minister.
  2. Tamara "It-2" Baker
    Community OutReach/Treasurer
    Tamara has work in ministry for the past 22 years. She serves as the liaison between the community and several organizations as Harmony Vineyard and Harvest Midwest, she is also a member of the Red Cross.
  3. Eilene Senter
    Eilene has lived in the Kansas City area most of her life. She has a heart for helping people and has served on several short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic and most recently to South Africa. She started ministry back in college when she started a Bible study small group. Most recently, she established a singles ministry at a church in St Joseph, MO, and has served as a leader in women's ministry, volunteered helping in the sound booth along other behind the scene tasks that are too numerous to mention! Eilene possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Phycology.
  4. Damaris "D" Pinero
    Events Coordinator/Secretary
    D has been working in ministry since 2007, mainly helping military families along with Pedro. She loves helping people, specially veterans! Actually she is enrolled on her 2nd year of a Master's in Divinity and just for fun started learning Hebrew. D possesses a Master in Christian Leadership and a Bachelor's in Marketing.